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Myron Mixon is the BBQ King, and if you want good BBQ, you definitely want to use the Wood Pellet Grill that he uses for his tasty BBQ masterpieces.

Why a Wood Pellet Grill?

Want to be a hit at your next barbecue cookout? The Myron Mixon Pitmaster Q3 grills wood pellet smokers are the ideal way to get the best flavor when cooking meat because its slow cooked; Ribs, Brisket, Turkey, Sirloin, you name it. Grill, Smoke, or Bake you can also cook Pizza, Apple Crisp, Meat Loaf and many more great tasting meals. Choose a variety of Myron Mixon wood pellet flavors to allow you to get the best flavor for your feast.

How Wood Pellet Grills Work:

Simple as 1..2..3.. to get you started Barbecuing like a PRO! Load the Wood Pellets, Set the Temperature, and Let it Cook. Scroll over the orbitals to see all the great features of the Pitmaster Q3 wood pellet grill.

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  2. I bought the the pitmasters q3 just like the one in this video. However why does mine not have the temperature thermometer on the top of the door??? I don't see it any where or even a hole to install one. Was there something changed on the Q3?????