Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich Review | JKMCraveTV


In this video, I try Wendy’s new Grilled Chicken Sandwich!!
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  1. Good review Joe. I liked the former version of this at wendy's so I may give this a shot even tho it seems kinda pricey and that tomato did not look too impressive (maybe why you dropped a point?). I am wondering how this compares to the McDonald's artisan grilled chicken?

  2. You could've gotten the small combo of this for the same price and you should be able to eat a small fry and drink a soda  too though. I got the combo one time so far and I liked the sandwich.

  3. Hey Joe…yet another wonderful review….were you using a different camera angle in this shoot (seemed like you were a bit further away from the cam…or maybe a different vehicle?)..nice to see that Wendy's still delivers a good product!