Weber Performer Charcoal Grill Modifications (with Craycort Cast Iron Grate)


Here is what I have done to my Weber Performer Grill. I recommend that you do the same!



  1. I bolted the front of them to the lip of the stainless steel underneath and I zip tied it in the rear to the gas pipe that goes to the kettle. I pretty much made some drawers from a sterilite at target fit a black sterilite with crappier drawers from Walmart. The one from target only comes in white. I even checked online.

  2. Sweet setup. Just purchased the grill light! My wife just bought me this grill for X-mas waiting for Spring to getter up and running. Quick question how does the ignition work? Does it have a timer to shut off or do you shut it off when the charcoal turns grey?

  3. awesome man… i got i think the newer version of this exact grill… I'm loving the drawers and Especially the new grill plates!! where did you find those… my only complaint so far is that the stock grill plates are flimsy and there is all this space with nothing to do with it. Great ideas!!! You should do a little more DIY version of this video.

  4. real nice setup. I have the smaller performer (Silver) but the draws on the bottom is great idea. Im going to head out and see what i can find. Wife is all on me about all the junk i have in the kitchen. Thanks for the video Sramsey WKC