Weber BBQ Burner Replacement in One Minute.


One minute video showing Weber barbecue grill burner replacement. This is a pre-2002 model repair but the process is the same for all Weber BBQ models with the knobs on the right control panel. With an aged model it is not always possible to follow the instructions. We remove and replace these Weber burners without removing the manifold which is often necessary to repair the Weber gas grill.



  1. chris:
    the round black plastic pieces on the ends of the burners are screens to block insects and spiders from nesting in the burner or in the valve by climbing through the hole in the orifice.  This usually happens is specific climates and only when the appliance is not used for a long time.  The spider-screens are not necessary to use the grill but are only there to block insects from crawling into the parts and blocking the gas flow.

  2. Cory:
    Proper flames should be 1.25-1.5" tall and should be blue with an orange or yellow tip.  When the flames are very yellow and taller than they should be this usually means the carburetor is running rich.   When the flames are smaller than average and blue this is generally an indication they  are too lean (too much air).  With a high air-flow adjustment the flames will often make a blowing noise, can seem to jump or float so the base of the flame does not touch the burner and will sometimes blow-out and reignite.  We have a video here that shows the air-shutter being adjusted so you can see the reaction by the flames as the air-flow is changed.  There are a few of these videos on here but here is one of them:
    Adjust BBQ Grill Burner Air Shutter For Better Performance.