Trick to Emptying the Ashes on Weber Charcoal Grill


This is the 4th clip in the grilling series. In this video, I show you a trick for emptying the ashes on a Weber charcoal grill without making a mess.



  1. my ash catcher does the same thing on my 26" weber it is a little out of round when you put them together seems like you gut to pry it in i think… we are not allowed to put ash in the garbage so i just fill up a big metal bin and when the wind starts to blow it around i go throw it in the compost bin or some ware i can pile them up..ya hey can fine you down hear for throwing ash in the garbage if they catch you..

  2. Yeah, I'm with Jaybean. Spread it on that grass behind you. It's good for it. If you have a garden, dust your plants with it to repel insects off your veggies.