Toad Sweat Key Lime Dessert Hot Sauce Review


Armadillo Pepper reviews Toad Sweat Key Lime and Habanero Dessert Sauce.

This sauce was introduced quite a few years ago and developed for use on ice cream and cheesecake. Key Lime Toad Sweat has many uses including: pouring on fresh fruit, splashing on burgers, drizzling on popcorn, marinating or grilling meats.

Ingredients: Evaporated Can Juice, Key Lime Juice, Water, Habanero Pepper, Vanilla Extract, Cocoa, and Spices.

5 FL oz. Certified Vegan.

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  1. One thing I've found, both with all of the "craft brew" beers AND the new hot sauces out there…it's all about outrageous, even downright stupid, names…and once you get inside the bottle…it's pretty much ho-hum. Just so many ways you can do a beer, and so many ways you can make a sauce from a pepper…all the hype names for both are one reason I now shun them all in favor of the old classics…pepper sauces and beer alike. Nobody does dark beer better than the Irish, and nobody does pepper sauce better than the Mexicans.