SIZE MATTERS When Grilling! NEW Weber Q1200 Grill Review


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Grilling season is upon us and we got a brand NEW Grill that we LOVE! I cooked for 20 people over memorial day and the food turned out so good. This bad boy can go camping w/ you too.

When it comes to grilling, SIZE DOES MATTER, and bigger is NOT better…. Find out why in this review of the ‪#‎weber‬ Q1200!



  1. One thing to note when using the tank adapter hose, is to open the tank valve and wait few minutes before lighting the grill.  This allows the hose to properly fill with propane so the regulator doesn't incorrectly sense there is a leak (because the pressure is low), and then restrict the gas flow.  This is common when the regular is so far away from the propane tank, as the hose needs time to fill.

    Another option is to use a one pound tank refill adapter.  Then you can reuse the small canisters by filling them up from the larger tanks.  There are videos about doing this online, it's so easy and saves you money.