Saffire Kamado Grill – Charcoal Grilling Test


In this video, we demonstrate the Saffire Ceramic Charcoal grill and how it cooks. See for yourself.



  1. It seems EVERY grill you test and sell the exact same way is "perfect"…??? You have NEVER tested a grill and said it did not cook well?? Seems a little biased just to promote sales. You also never state you believe one grill is better than another. I have subscribed for quite a while but your videos are becoming very monotonous

  2. @REMROB Thank you for the comment and thank you for being a subscriber! We truly take your comments to heart, and will try to reduce monotony. We try to provide the best information about grills we carry for our customers and we stand by every review we publish. Our goal is to help you find the best grill for you, whether it's a cast iron hibachi or a high end gas grill. Customers can call us and we help them find the grill that's in their budget and has every feature that they want. Thanks

  3. @rucy64 We only do the pizza test to show how even the grill surface cooks. We are not showing showing how to grill a frozen pizza. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you for watching!

  4. @rucy64 You can see in the video I was lifting it up to see the bottom. Then we flipped it over so everyone can see the bottom of the pizza and how evenly the grill it cooks. We do have a "How to Grill Pizza" video that we would invite you to check out. It has all the instructions, and even a recipe for dough. Thanks again for watching!