Perfect Charcoal-Grilled Steaks Every Time – Weber Grills – Kevin’s Backyard




  1. Look man, I don't need a you tube channel to know I can grill with the best of them. So your saying if I use a clean grill I won't get a diamond pattern? Your grill looks pretty clean and you got the pattern. I clean mine and get it nice and hot. That's it. Perfect pattern with a 1/4 turn during grilling. I'm unsubbing, I hate guys who think they know it all.

  2. Tip #11 – Pre-marinate your meat with some kind of seasoning, salt, aromatics, acids, and oil. Looks like you just sprinkled some dry seasoning on right before you grilled, it had no time to penetrate at all. That's pretty much gonna do a big fat nothing for flavor, except give you some burnt spices on your meat. Pre-marinate or dry rub your meat for at least an hour before grilling!

  3. Take steaks out of refrigerator at least and hour before they hit the grill. Immediately season them with 1/4 seasoning salt, 1/4 GRANULATED onion, 1/4 GRANULATED garlic 1/4 FRESHLY GROUND pepper. Spray (w/ Misto) with EVO just before you place on grill. That's how we roll in the Buckeye!

  4. I'm sorry, Ā but this video omits a lot of key details. Ā He doesn't even discuss ventilation, coal placement, doesn't explain what direct heat is, doesn't say cooking times for desired degree of doneness, does not specify what seasoning to use. Ā  Basically, you'd have to watch 3 other vids just to grasp this one.

  5. I like my steaks a little more browned. The steaks need to be out longer. I only use those side things for large roasts or smoking muliple pieces. For a 20oz bone in ribeye 5 a side and 5 indirect will give you med rare. I grilled chicken and zucchini today. It was good.