Outdoor Gas Grill: How to Keep it from Rusting


Tired of discarding your rusty outdoor gas grills after only a couple of years? Guard against rust and protect your investment with this simple procedure. For more maintenance and repair how-tos, projects, home improvement help, technology tips, garden hints, recipes, holiday ideas and more, visit http://www.homefrontstan.com.



  1. This is an old trick. However, since the oil is baked off each time heat is applied, it doesn’t work unless you’re prepared to take the grill fully apart to do this each and every time it’s is used. Even then, this will only delay rust for a short time. In fact, in really humid areas, you might not see any difference. While the industry benefits (more grills sold) from cheap, rust-prone, materials, I’m now searching for a truly rust-free grill.

  2. I use vegetable oil in a spray bottle and spray the whole cooker
    do a quick wipe down of the cooker (mainly the base where sauce and grease fall down)
    Then spray the grill with the oil and heat it up.

    only down side is that vegetable oil will leave a gummy residue but it wont rust…