Oil Based Kudlik lamp


Very simple and easy oil lamp. Based on the traditional Kudlik lamp of the Inuit, this lamp uses a seashell as a base instead of the traditional carved soapstone. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in the woods.

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  1. HI, well, I'm not a guy.. but I did enjoy this video. I'd like to do this with some of my abalone shells, I think that would be pretty.. so, my question is how did you make the cotton wick? Did you just twist cotton fabric or ??? thanks

  2. I've always wondered about this. I've read many times about arctic peoples using a lamp based on this. Thanks for the demo. It gives me some ideas to try myself. Good idea about the foil reflector.

  3. Back after 10 months, and I have a crockery bowl kudlik going this morning on my coffee table fed by beeswax leftover after burning a fat beeswax candle. My wicks (3) are short pieces of jute weighed down on one end by steel washers. Thx!