My Shawarma Grill




  1. It's really annoying when people show a particular food being made but they don't outline which ingredients, measurements, etc. that they use. If you're gonna make us hungry and drool over all this good looking food at least tell us the actual recipe ! Please !

  2. the word shwarma (cevirme-doner) is turkish word and the best cevirme is in turkey 

    u must also know  there are thousands of types of kebap in turkey every city has type of kebap in my country (turkey)  but u arabs took all turkish traditions of turks by ottomans

  3. I personally love lamb, but I'm thinking of making this with chicken because chicken/poultry is more of a crowd pleaser. Does anyone have any experience as to what parts of the chicken (or turkey) works best? Breast would maybe be too dry, I was thinking of alternating breast and boneless thigh meat with maybe a bit of lamb fat on top to trickle down. I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience with chicken shwarma. And if you can recommend spices that would also be a big help. Peace.