La Caja China – The Best BBQ Grill for Pig Roasting


If you are planning to host a gathering for your friends and relative and you want to serve something… Pig Roasting is a good idea! However, you can’t just cook this on any barbecue grill and expect you pig roast to come out delectably. Purchase only La Caja China Pig Roasters for having your food cooked evenly and for bringing out the best in your pig roast! Call us at 1-800-338-1323 or visit us at



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  2. The thing I dont like about this is that it is essentially just a big oven….. You dont get any of the BBQ smoke to flavor it and such….. also when it is all said and done it seemsl like alot of the moisture is lost… The drip pan always looks pretty full of the wonderful juices…. and sometimes it seems like they have a hard time getting the skin to crisp up without drying out the meat…. after they turn it to skin side up it is basicly done. They then cut the slits in the skin and put the coals and lid back on to crisp up the skin for a half hour to an hour…. the juices are still in the pan underneath and they are in there steaming up the inside so it makes it hard for the skin to crisp up. By the time it does, even more juices are out of the meat and in that pan….. am I saying this just totally sucks? No, thats not what I am saying…. Im saying if the things like what I just said arnt going to bother you and you want an easy fool proof way to do a pig that this is the thing for you…. Im saying It would bother me, I like crisp skin, juicy meat, and the flavor that the wood or charcoal produces, but thats just me…… not trolling, just an observation after watching alot of these videos….. Im thinking about doing a suckling pig on my routissere…