Introducing Kid Rock’s American Badass Grill


Kid Rock’s American Badass charcoal grill is 100% made in the USA, down to the very last screw. Get yours today at

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  1. Cold beer and badass grills. Cookin up meat in the Nashville hills. Sunset slowly falling over the southern pines. There ain't nothin like a Tennessee mountaintop. A few badass grills cookin up some brats. Hank JR yellin out this shit is American made! Kid rock sipping with a lazy eye cookin from a keg because he is so fly. Matt mohs eatin half burgers with dollar buns!! I'm going to buy one

  2. Kid Rock’s ‘Made in Detroit’ T-Shirts Aren’t Actually Made in Detroit

    Kid Rock is proud of his city, and he’s quick to represent it any chance he gets. The singer has done many a good deed to help Detroit’s struggling economy, including resurrecting the Made in Detroit clothing brand after it went out of business in 2005. However, a new report from Susan Tompor of The Detroit Free Press reveals that the brand’s T-shirts are not actually made in Detroit, but rather the Dominican Republic, India, Honduras and even Ohio.

  3. Most of the junk on Kid Rock's website isn't made in the USA. Only the t-shirts are made in America. All the jerseys, hats, sweaters, kids clothes, cups, mugs, and accessories are made overseas. He is just pandering to sell product.

  4. 5.1 million american jobs have been lost by corporate america, you have been screwed by your own people, point your guns at your own fellow american businessmen and government who sold you out, but then again, you are just probabaly too chicken shit to do that and shoot grills instead…..

  5. yes keep the money at home so it goes back into buying something else that's already made in China Lol. Box yourself in and don't partake in the global economy . Stupid people can't be fixed.

  6. china might be making cheap products, but the USA makes cheap everything else, cheap news, cheap schools, cheap food, cheap ads, cheap politicians, cheap people like you, cheap houses that nobody can afford, cheap mindsets, cheap morals and cheap little brains like yours.

  7. "If you can get something made in America, number 1 the quality is gonna be better" – Which is why we all know that American cars are far superior to German cars. Everyone knows (especially Kid Rock from Michigan) that German cars are widely regarded as the lowest tier in quality, and that US car makers have always made the best cars. This is also why the US car industry has never in history had a decline, and has always been winning (they are actually very tired of winning).