Installing the BBQ Guru on to the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill


Installing the BBQ Guru on to the Weber Charcoal Grill. Weber thoughtfully pre drilled the hole for a blower. The installation could not have been easier.
This BBQ Guru would also work on my Smokey Mountain smokers and it came with heat proof tape to cover the 3 vent holes on those smokers for similarly easy installation.
Learning how to use the Guru’s other features like “ramp,” open lid detection, and it’s adaptive control strategy will take some real time experimenting. The DigiQ is a computer that can learn how the kettle performs and optimize that performance. It is more than just a thermostat and a computer fan.
I also would like to thank the people at Splice who made the app I edited this video with. It didn’t cost much and I can do the whole thing on my iPhone!
Thanks for watching!