IKEDA Electric Hot Pot With BBQ Grill Review


Video review of the City Star/IKEDA electric hot pot with BBQ grill used to cook meats, vegetables and everything imaginable. It’s perfect for a cold winter or whenever you are in the mood for hotpot.

– 4.2L large capacity. Power stinaless steel steamboat plate 1200W.
– Removable inner pot and BBQ grill; power of B.B.Q. heating plate 600W.
– Two switches control for BBQ plate and steam pot.



  1. Well I'm glad you liked it. I still think it's a little overpriced as I've seen other brands at local groceries for cheaper. Regardless, it's a nice product especially if you are sick of getting new butane/propane cans.

  2. yeah um thats not hot u do shabu shabu its supposed to be boiling before you put ANYTHING in, then the meant is thin sliced put into the water still holding onto it with the chopsticks moving the meat from side to side (shabu shabu) intill it cooks 5-10 seconds