How To Start your weber charcoal grill – How To light a barbecue – Chimney Fire Starter


This video will show you how to start your barbecue the right way. It will also show you how to use a chimney fire starter. Check it out and learn how to barbecue right. Also check out my blog http://PITMASTERX.COM

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  1. Yep, I use the starter cubes for the Kamado. But with the Weber, there's nothing more enjoyable than placing junk mail or those annoying box store flyer advertisements in the chimney and FIRING them up!!! heh heh.

  2. Man, I have that same chimney starter, same brand, same model…'s an amazing product, where did you buy it? I use it the same way you do, it really changed my life. Have an awesome bbq season.

  3. I just bought a Weber charcoal grill and chimney today. Great stuff.
    Do you know what the purpose of that metal loop that attaches to the heat shield and goes over the handle of the chimney is? It seems to get in the way so I pulled it off and saved it.

  4. I am clueless when it comes to BBQs but I can't believe how much information you've fit into a small video. You've made me very happy and cannot wait to purchase the Weber 57cm one touch original and weber chimney stack. Thank you

  5. Me and my dad are complete charcoal grilling noobs/idiots (lol!) and were getting so frustrated our first attempt to grill. We were up in the mountains so we couldn't just go run to the store to buy lighter fluid or anything, and of course we had to buy the cheapest charcoal we could find.
    We ended up giving up that night and just opened over an open fire (god damn did our steaks turn out amazing though! So rich in smokey flavor!!).
    Anyhow, I found one of these chimneys on sale for under $3…and we were amazed at how much easier grill became! Fantastic!!
    Thanks for the great video 😀

  6. I use newspaper and Sycamore bark in the bottom of my chimney starter. The Sycamore bark works extremely well and just falls off of the trees on my street. I don't spend a nickel on starter cubes or fire starter.

  7. Why buy starter cubes when two pages of weekly store ads, delivered to your mailbox for free, will do just fine in your Weber Vortex fire chimney? (time: in 15 min's.) It's a no brainer !