How To Smoke A Pork Loin – BBQ Pork Loin Recipe on a Weber Grill


The Wolfe Pit shows you an easy and simple BBQ process for making the BEST EVER apple wood smoked pork loin on the grill you’ll ever taste. Simply seasoned with only salt and pepper, then BBQ’d over charcoal and apple wood. Once the loin is cooled, it is slice paper thin, then piled high on a fresh bun. Top with your favorite BBQ sauce and enjoy!



  1. Larry, your barbecue videos and food rock! Great food and always makes me hungry. Love that slicing footage, so smooth and delicious. Excellent sandwich there, nothing better. All you needed was a large frosty mug 'o beer!

  2. Lookin' Good my man! I was leery at first when you only said salt and pepper, but you were generous with it, and dressed the sandwich well!
    Did you turn or flip the loin during the cook? I 'd say you'd want to keep the fat cap up so it sort of self-bastes.

    And I see you whipped out another Forschner Victorinox blade! I just got one of those nice slicing knives myself recently (birthday present for myself 😉 and the first thing I used it on was…you guessed right – a tiny cherry tomato! 😉

  3. The second thing I used it for was slicing a pork loin! (true!),
    I thought you'd rotate the meat ~ half way through the cook, so this is way too easy/lazy!!
    You're making me hungry, but it's raining cats and dogs…I just want to grill something and slice it…with a 14 inch knife;)
    …cat, dog, whatever…:D
    Have to ask, you lit the charcoal, but didn't wait for the pile to burn to the traditional grey ash stage?

    Nice you have that real apple tree wood for your smoke!

  4. This is one of the best piece of  meats you can buy from the pork family. Never cook over 140 150 internal or it will be dry. A dry rub works amazing on this with using  a few pieces of bacon as well….Man this is a good meat…Tender lion :)~

  5. this is a recipe I am going to try ASAP! Smoked pork is so delicious, and that looks like a great way to serve it, with coleslaw and hot sauce. I also like it with melted brie, roasted walnuts and spinach! 

  6. I have a ceramic kamado and have tried pork loin(not tenderloin) direct, indirect, raised rack, main rack, 300, 350, 400 degrees and pulled it at 140 and they are always chewy tough at best and sometimes worse. This is the second weber kettle video I have seen pulling it at 160 or 165 and they look to be tender. Following the videos exact and not having the success that the videos show I can't imagine that I could be doing something wrong. Maybe a Weber Kettle cooks better than a ceramic kamado.

  7. Gotta wave the BS flag on this video. The coals and hardwood barely look burnt. Check the video at the 1:29 mark and the few seconds that follow.  They go from raw meat to cooked meat having used little fuel.  Check the coals. The Wolfe Pit, I get it. You show the beginning product and the ending result, but, c'mon. You have to expend some wood to get some heat.  BTW, I cooked a 5 lb. pork loin roast on a cheap ass barrel grill tonight, and it turned out awesome.  It's all about controlling the heat.

  8. Did this recipe the other day Larry and it turned out perfect. I know you mentioned the knife you use in one of the many videos you have but i can't remember what it is. Mrs Santa wants to get me one so if you could refresh my memory that'd be great. Thanks!