How To Never Clean Your George Foreman Grill Again


In this video, I describe my simple method for using a George Foreman Grill without needing to clean it afterward. SPOILER ALERT: It’s aluminum foil.

NOTICE: I cannot speak to the safety implications of this method. It may very well be unsafe and I have simply been lucky enough not to be killed yet. Use this method at your own risk. (For instance, it would probably be a terrible idea to completely wrap the cooking plate of the grill in aluminum foil.)



  1. Using foil kind of defeats the purpose of contact grilling, but lining just the bottom when cooking meats is a compromise I can accept. The majority of the mess accumulates at the bottom anyway, and wiping what little gets on the top plate is quick and easy. However this isn't a universal solution, most foods I grill won't come out right without contact with the searing, like potatoes, onions, vegetables. I also snack on easy quesadillas frequently, and those never come out right when cooked in foil.

    If you're concerned about aluminum, I've been reading very positive testimonies about parchment paper. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Holy crap, so many haters in these comments for a video providing useful information.

    1. Any trace amount of aluminum that gets transferred into your food with this cooking method has zero effect on your body.

    2. The grill plates are easy to clean when they are new, but after continued use, the no-stick material coating the grill surface begins to fade, and the plates become increasingly harder to clean. Its an accelerating process: the more the plates are cleaned, the faster the no-stick goes away, the faster the no-stick goes away , the more cleaning is required. This aluminum foil method prevents that from happening and is extremely useful in maintaining the longevity of the grill.

    Thanks SkewToob for posting. Don't pay attention to the haters. Haters just gotta hate, I guess.

  3. defeats the whole purpose of having a foreman grill…I find them easy to clean but only when I cook homemade hamburgers they always stick to the grill no matter what I do..but its hard to turn away from the same taste of a burger with no fat from the grill itself..

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  6. wow…good video I would have never thought of that great idea I'm going to try to cook some BBQ ribs on it like that I hate cleaning that thang it sucks but cleaning in general does!