How To Grill The Perfect Burger. Grilling Tricks That Will Change How You Cook Forever!


Often when grilling burgers you end up with burnt pieces of charcoal tasting bland dry beef. I wanted to go over a few cool and simple tricks to getting delicious, meaty, juicy, steak-like burgers on the grill.

Ground Beef (the fattier the better)

Form the ground beef in to patties of your liking. I enjoy making small, but thick, slider size burgers. If you make them too thin they may fall apart and overcook quickly on the grill. Instead of putting seasoning in the meat and mixing it up, form the burgers first and then hit them with a generous amount of salt and pepper on both sides. This way you get the salty and spicy that you want but you keep all of the juices inside the burger. Adding salt to the inside of the burger can suck the juices right out.

Hit them with a little oil on both sides, get your grill smoking hot and sear the burgers on one side. DO NOT continually flip the burgers and push them down with your spatula, pushing down just squeezes out the juices. We all know that guy on the grill who is always playing with his meat just to look like he knows what he is doing. Let your meat get a really nice sear on one side to develop a thick crust. Once this happens it will be easy to flip the meat over and sear it on the other side. Once both sides are seared, depending on your thickness, your burger may need to cook longer. Do not keep it on high heat or you may dry it out.

At this point if you want to finish it on the grill place the meat in a cooler spot, close the gill and let it cook until it is where you want it. But a great trick is to pre sear the burgers, place them on a sheet pan and bake them in the oven at 350 to finish off the middle. This is a great party trick because you can cook them before and get that grill flavor and reheat them later when your friends arrive. Be careful, if your burgers are too thin they may cook very quickly. Just like in the feel your breast video, you can gently press the burgers once you have seared them on both sides to see how they feel, the firmer they are the more they are cooked through.

If you buy nice meat you have the added bonus of cooking them medium/medium rare and making them taste extra meaty and glorious!

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  1. You got to be kidding about not putting salt in your HB meats before you cook them? That’s why many of the restaurants “brine” their chickens and meats. SALT holds in juices!!

  2. I clicked off the video the moment he tries to tell everyone that salt will pull the juices out…..I always use salt and pepper, and my burgers are some of the juicest you'll ever try. make a real hamburger bro, not those tiny meatball burgers

  3. I feel the best burger is flat and as big as you can get it. They tend to shrink I usually think about 6 inches around is a decent size. also what is the type of grill you're using I like it ?

  4. you should flatten yet round out the patty…. and push a little indent in the middle of one side so it flattens out as it cooks and you can top it without them slipping off the sides :/

  5. why so much negativity in the comments? come on people, quit acting like children. nobody is perfect and nobody should be.  I love watching this guy and his brother cook; always informative, fun, and down to earth.

  6. Are these mini burgers? I like my burgers big and thin. I form meat into a patty like you have done and then I take a rolling pin to them. I like about a quarter inch thickness.

  7. just because you can post a video doesn't make you an expert. those look like meatballs. and they don't have very good color when cooked.