How Many Coals to use on a Camp Dutch oven?


The most common question and error for new users of Dutch oven Cooking is how many charcoal briquettes to use and where to place them. Using a very simple formula we calculate how many you will need and where to place them on your Dutch oven.

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  1. I like the video but "size" isn't an actual measurement parameter.  Size could be weight, volume, mass, density or something else.  Instead of referring to size, refer to the Diameter.  So if the Diameter is 12", then the number of Briquettes should be twice the Diameter, as long as the Diameter is measured in inches.

  2. So in other words, the number of coals is equal to the inches diameter for top & the same for the bottom BUT put three of the bottom coals on top … Because 2D/2=D, that's totally confusing