How I setup my weber kettle for a low & slow session – Pitmaster X


I wanted to share the way I setup my weber kettle with you, because I know that when you start your first low and slow session it can be very helpful.

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You can use this setup for spare ribs, pulled pork brisket or any other low and slow sesions – Pitmaster X



  1. Well thank sir for the great tip much appreciated.

    However I'm thinking to myself would there be any situation where you would cook with baskets placed on either side?

  2. Used it first time, I added a stone shield next to the caracole basket. Lower vent 1/4 open and top vent 1/3 open. Used 8 full lit briquettes and filled the rest none lit briquettes into the basket. Temp. was kept between 140 and 160 for about 3-4 hours cook. Also added a water pan with hot water to keep moist and a heat reservoir. All worked perfect for my 2.7 kg dry aged strip lion roast. Was done after 2.5 hours for medium. I'm wondering what to do to keep temp a little lower down to about 120-140 Celsius. Any suggestions are appreciated. All in all a handy and very fast low and slow setup to do 2-3 hour cooks.

  3. The tin foil on the lower grill is very smart Joel. Thanks a lot for the tip. Im currently working on my website to promote low and slow here in France, where it is totaly unknown. You guys have more BBQ culture up in north europe. I gonna have to figure out how to do kick ass graphic, your content is very neat ! all tips are welcomed ☺

  4. Thanks a great tip.  I have a massive indirect cooker but there is no point in using it with less than 40 Kilos of meat.  This way I can use existing cooker for a small meal.

  5. Are the fire bricks you have a standard size, or can you give me the dimensions. I've been draping foil as a curtain wights works well but I'd like a more permanent way. Thanks Jim

  6. Thanks for the Simple Explanation.
    Like a Smokenator 1000 but for free 🙂
    I wish my Weber had a lid with a hinged section like yours 🙁
    What setting do you run the Vents at for this low and slow, or do you adjust according to your Meat Thermometer?