Heineken Light | Neil Patrick Harris & The Grill Master


Hey Neil, why’re you all up in his grill? Take a step back and enjoy that Best Tasting Light.

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  1. This was completely degrading towards gay ppl. First "you never flip another man's meat" and then Neil asks to flip the guys meat as if gay ppl just have to hit on straight man. Its terrible and fuck Neil for agreeing to this.

  2. I'll never buy their beer again. Don't really care one way or another about other people's sex lives but when watching television during a time when older children are watching too, I resent being put into the position of explaining what everyone is reacting to…

  3. So the point of this commercial basically is just NPH saying "flip your meat". Nothing about it is clever or humorous. It doesn't even make sense. It's just a gay dude saying "flip your meat".

  4. It's shocking to see a long-standing company like Heineken stoop so low to allow this "flipping a man's meat" commercial to "fly" … it's far to obviously "suggestive" and more than inappropriate to be aired on TV.  Why does a beer commercial have to take this route?  What does "flipping a man's meat" have to do with drinking beer?  How many people really want to drink their beer or attend that "barbecue" after seeing that ad? … seriously!  Is this how Heineken wants America and the rest of the world to see them … as "twisted" individuals who will do or say anything just to sell beer?   Their respectability is being "flame broiled" on the fire every time that commercial airs!  They need to "clean up their act" … we need a "bit more class" and "far less trash" being shown on TV!

  5. Is Heineken owned by faggots?Are the majority of their shareholders fags?For damn sure,ya'll openly throw faggot rights in families faces in a subtle underhanded way.My second for damn sure is I won't ever purchase your politically correct product again…

  6. the guy at the grill pauses to answer cuz he's thinking   "maybe I should just slam his chest into the grill, close the lid on his back and shove the meat flipper up his ass".

  7. All of you who are offended at this instead of seeing the playful joke (Showing that Heineken is against PC culture, as we all should be) are just sad and have no sense of humor. I honestly feel bad for you. Grow up, no one cares what offends you, fucking pussies.