Hearty Breakfast on the Flat Top Grill



Cooking a lot of food is easy when using Camp Chef’s Flat Top Grill. The large surface area will enhance your cooking experience giving you plenty of room to work so cooking is done efficiently. Included is an interchangeable flat top griddle making it easy to cook pancakes, bacon and eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns – all at once. Then switch to grilled burgers, kabobs, and chicken for the next meal. Four individual burners provide heat in specific areas creating heat zones that will help you manage hot foods. Built in matchless ignition knobs control the heat and flame. Fold-down side shelves and roller wheels are added for convenience.



  1. This is so great. I'm just starting to learn to cook like this. I bought the Pro 90 with all accessories last year. I also bought the 10" dutch oven. Gonna try making Peach Cobbler in the tomorrow 🙂  Cheers from Canada  

  2. Appreciate Video! Sorry for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Our butcher mentioned that i should use a thermometer to avoid overcooking and he recommended the ‘Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer’ (I’m sure he said you can buy it on Amazon) Do you use a Chef Remi thermometer? The butcher mentioned its very accurate and has a lifetime guarantee.

  3. A Great Grill..I Like the even heating..Saying that its "Better than BBQ" is nonsense, Two totally different styles of Cooking (BBQ is low and slow ) and this is a Quick Fire Flat Top Grill(and a Great Product).There is Nothing better than BBQ ..

  4. Love your videos
    Can you do a video on how you store your Camp Chef after use?
    Clean and how you store it?
    I live out in the boonies…not comfortable keeping in my backyard…seeing some rodents…but a hassle dragging it back into my garage…