Healthy Grilling Indoors With the Philips Smoke-Less Grill


Bring the unbeatable taste, grilled appearance and low-fat benefits of grilling safely indoors year-round—with minimal smoke or splattering. This countertop electric grill employs advanced infrared technology to keep the grilltop searing hot while channeling drippings to a tray underneath that remains cool, minimizing unpleasant smoke. Buy the Philips Smoke-Less Grill here:
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  1. I just returned this grill. Don't believe the hype – it does not get hot enough to sear in any sort of reasonable time. Notice the editing of the video between the sear claim and showing the steak grill marks. Phillips claims 446 degrees. If so, why could I hold my hand 1/4" from the grill plate after 10 minutes of warm-up and and feel no discomfort for 10-15 seconds? I get that some people like this, but for an experienced cook, this does not get to the kind of temperatures required to classify it as a "grill" in any normal sense of the term.