Grilling: Learn How to Light a Charcoal Grill


Elizabeth Karmel, author of Taming the Flame and creator of, demonstrates how to light a charcoal grill with firestarters and briquettes.

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Grilling: Learn How to Light a Charcoal Grill

Starring: Elizabeth Karmel



  1. who grills in rain?? lol wells lets see um good amount dose. have a party and rains that day u going grill. u want grill food u crave it u going to. 4 july it rained her in Cincinnati and u know what i grilled. so ya it's not big deal idoit

  2. She's so stupid !!! Let the guys play with fire…
    That is just a girl thing to use those little starter cube shit to start a chimney !
    I use pain newspaper and I have flame getting out on top in 15 minutes.
    Maybe she don't want her poor little finger all dirty with newspaper…

  3. Ummmmmmmm. I disagree. Charcoal grilling is not the original form of outdoor grilling. I think hardwood came thousands of years before the charcoal briquette. Charcoal is like the last hundred years. 1897 to be exact. This broad probably thinks the world is only a couple thousand years old too. Jeesh. The human race is doomed.

  4. This is in no way a beginner video. Not everyone has a chimney starter, so all you are doing is showing off a couple products. i.e. the fire starters (that she just loves!), and the chimney starter. Way to complicate something easy, and turn a how-to video into an advertisement for unnecessary products.