Grilled Flounder and corn on Grill Grates


Cooking a couple large flounder fillets on Grill Grates. No baskets or racks required. Perfect grill marks and tender juicy fillets every time! Check out my other grilling videos for more ideas! Subscribe to my channel and get the latest videos of hunting, grilling and other fun stuff. More coming soon!

Grill Grates are available here: (affiliate) Get the set that comes with the Grate tool or also buy the “Grate Tongs” designed to work with these. Grill grate are not cheap but they will be best investment you ever make for your grilling!



  1. Yes it will work fine with smaller Fillets. you just have to be careful flipping them. (That's where Grill Grates and the special tool really come in handy) For spices I used Old Bay cut with extra onion powder garlic powder, salt and pepper. Once you grill up flounder, you won't want to fry them anymore! I've got more comming soon so subscribe to my channel to get the latest!

  2. Fish timing is about temp, not time. For the 1/4 turn, if starting with a good hot grill, turn it after about 2 minutes give or take. you kind of have to get a feel for it. You don't really even have to turn it and if I have thinner fillets I won't because it won't be on long enough to mark them twice per side (Fish cooks fast on a hot grill.) Get a good thermometer. I love the Maverick PT100. It takes a little bit to get used to and people like things done differently.

  3. Continued: If you like your fish like I like mine, you are only going to have them a hot grill for a few minutes on each side. More for thicker fillets like this. Once I see the edges stating to turn white, I flip. Then a few minutes later I'll check with the Maverick. I'm looking for 135-145*F Yes a good thermometer is pricey. It's worth it though and will make you a much better cook on your grill for EVERYTHING!