Grilled BBQ Chicken Breasts


This is another great week-night dinner recipe for the grill, total time from package to plate should be around 2 hours.
* We prefer skin-on breasts, but the skinless variety is a healthier alternative

Here is what you will need:
Some Type of Grill
Chicken Breasts
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Barbecue Sauce

Start out by giving the chicken breasts a quick rinse and dry, trim off any loose bits and excess fat as well.

Now go ahead and apply a liberal coat of olive oil, it does not get easier than this, we are ready to put this chicken on the grill.

Set your grill up for indirect heat, I cook this recipe with gas and have the two outside burners set about medium-low and the center burner off, the ideal grill temperature is about 350F. To reduce flare-ups, I put the chicken on the 2nd rack, bone down for the majority of the cook. Total time on the grill should be perhaps 90 minutes, you are looking for 165F to 170F in a breast. We wait until the end (about 60 minutes in or so) to place the pieces skin down on direct heat for about 10 to 15 minutes, that seems to keep the skin in better shape than trying to ‘sear’ the skin right away, when all the fat is going to create flare ups, and the skin is more likely to stick to the grill. The last half hour is also when we apply BBQ Sauce, bone side first while the skin is down, then 2 coats on the meat, which we allow to caramelize just a bit.

This recipe produces a great tasting result with very little work in a reasonable amount of time, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Lower Sodium Recipe

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  1. Good method. But I like to brown both sides first and then put the breasts in the ''cool'' zone. Add wood chips, cook low and slow and slather with BBQ sauce. Give cat the bones. MEOW!

  2. Thanks John, this recipe was meant to be very simple, but a little wood smoke is a great addition.
    On browning both sides, certainly nothing wrong with that, but we have found that it can be fairly easy to apply a bit too much heat on the skin (especially if any fat flares up, which happens more early in the cook than at the end). If you allow this to happen your skin may want to curl up, or even come loose, so browning it at the end is 'safer' and requires less diligence at the grill.