Foreman Grill Recipe: Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich!


Amazing tasting Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich. Your sandwiches will come out tasting spectacular using the George Foreman Grill. No butter needed. It tastes like awesome without it. Very simple, but totally worth it. As always thanks for watching!

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  1. You want something legit and quick, you consult a dude with a southern accent.

    For those of you at home, take down the kickstand on the bottom your Foreman grill if you do this yourself, so the cheese doesn't run down the grill. The kickstand is specifically for stuff you want to drain, while taking it down is specifically for sandwiches and quesadillas and the like.

    Happy grilling.

  2. Excellent. Thanks. I'm a brand new GF Grill owner and am really wondering how I've gone all this time without discovering this cooking tool. I've gotten rid of my microwave and toaster oven and this takes up such little space, which is great for a minimalist like me. Plus now I can cook stuff without using a huge oven or any of the other old school cooking tools which take up so much room. I hope I really come to love my grill.

  3. I loved this recipe, although I did change a few things and grilling techniques. First, instead of deli ham I used chicken cutlets, sprinkled on various seasonings and fried them in a hot skillet in a little olive oil with a dab of butter. After cooking for both sides for about 4 minutes each, I added some finely chopped onion and garlic and a bit of white wine. I also covered the cutlets with a slice of prosciutto and, instead of velveeta I used a slice of smoky brie which is really good and melty. As for my bread I used French buns toasted in a toaster oven instead of pressed on the George Foreman grill, and despite beactivelife's recommendation to forego any spread, I did use a small amount of mayo and a dollop of stone ground mustard (I thought the sandwich would be too dry otherwise). Finally, after transferring the cheesy chicken cutlet to the toasted French bun, I topped it with some red onion slices and some shredded iceberg lettuce. Only took about 10 minutes and was ooohhh soooo yummy. Thanks for the great recipe, beactivelife!