Coleman LXE Grill to RV low pressure propane quick connect


Here is how to hook up any Coleman high pressure grill with regulator to your low pressure propane quick connect found on most new travel trailers. You must remove the pressure regulator at the grill as you already have one at the tank end of your RV.

Sorry – kept calling it an XLR grill in the video but it is a Coleman LXE grill. This mod will work with all Coleman high pressure grills. Also my boy was holding the Flip camera and was a little shaky at times – my apologies!



  1. Help – I can not find a 1/4 inch adapter which will screw into the Coleman piece which connects to the grill. Where did you get your? I have been to Lowes and Homedepot and they say the threads are not compatible with fip connections.

  2. Thanks so much for this! I just got a road trip for Christmas and built this adapter to hook up to my camper. From what I found the local shops in Detroit the air tool fittings wouldn't work. I got a quick connect propane adaptor at a local grill shop called Bourliers. I will say the fitting that attaches to the grill was a pain to get off. I had to use a vise and vise grips top get this thing off.

  3. Forgot to post follow up – I found a triple connect at Harbor Tool and was able to construct a multiple (3) adapter which plugs into the trailer. Now I can run the grill and the outside kitchen at the same time. Works great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hi, Shawn, and thanks for your helpful video.  I am living in Africa and want to connect a Coleman Roadtrip grill like yours to locally available propane bottles which use a low-pressure regulator at the tank, so I too need to bypass the Coleman regulator.  Could you confirm that the Coleman fitting to which you attached your adapters is a female 1/8" NPT connection?  If so, then I think that all I need is a male 1/8 NPT to 5/16" (8mm) barbed hose adapter for my application.  Cheers, Matthew

  5. Thanks again.  I wanted to share an additional mod that I just completed last night.  I took the regulator assembly which was removed as a part of this mod and added a female quick disconnect so I now have the option of using the 1LB propane tanks if I want to use the grill without hooking up to my RV.  I used a 1/8" to 1/4" on the end of the regulator assembly, then a 1/4" elbow and connected that to a female quick connect fitting.  Here is a picture for reference:  Thanks again for the idea Shawn!

  6. Great stuff. We've been mulling how to make this work since we bought our new camper last summer. Does the bbq perform well? We bought the Coleman NXT last year but it's brand new, so would like to know how it works before we mod it up.

  7. I'm 90% there I have the 1/8 to 1/4 inch adapter and the 90 degree elbow.  I just can't find the quick connector.  Can someone please give a part number or link to it? 


  8. Thanks for doing this video! I did this a year ago with only a few people on the forums saying how. It's far clearer in this video. Luckily someone at the campground was willing to do it for us and it was done exactly like you did it!

  9. First, excellent video as it is/was exactly what I was looking for but not working for me for some reason.

    So I did the same thing on the back of coleman removing regulator as you show but when I connect to RV quick connect line on the side of RV; nothing. Its like I get no flow to that bib. Both my tanks are open in the front of RV and I have hot water and such, so I know I have propane and pressure.  I did use slightly diff connections as I did not put quick connect on back of coleman, I used the regular screw together connections:

    Any thoughts, ideas, help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much.

  10. Question: I have it disassembled – ready to take out the pressure regulator – I have removed the spring.  Do you tap the regulator out towards the spring or the other direction? (I'm guessing you use a punch to tap out?) Thanks for your help!

  11. Below the Spring is a small brass peg with a red rubber gasket.  I tapped this out from the stem end up and now there is a hole in the middle of my tube about the size of a bb.  Is this as far as I need to go on removing the pressure regulator or do I also need to tap out the sleeve inside the tube that forms the opening the size of a bee bee?

  12. I strongly recommend that you do NOT remove the spring valve as shown at 1:45 in the video. It's unnecessary to do that, and VERY unsafe. That spring valve is not a regulator – it's a shutoff valve that closes when you disconnect the regulator assembly from the grill. It's either open or closed and doesn't change the pressure. If you remove it, connect the low pressure hose to the quick-connect as shown, then open the valve to the quick connect, GAS FLOWS OUT THE END OF THE CONNECTOR.

    I appreciate Shawn's idea of using the quick connector. Using his methods, I accomplished the same but without removing the spring valve. Having removed the regulator I have no way to use the grill as originally designed with a gas bottle. I overcame that using a Camco 57628 adapter. (No commercial plug intended. Other manufacturers may make the same thing.) It allows using a high pressure LP bottle with a low pressure quick connector.

    I now have a grill that I can connect directly to my trailer and, when not using it there, can connect the Camco adapter directly to a 1# (or larger) propane tank. I can also use it with a Xmas tree connected to a 20# tank and run a standard propane stove at the same time.

    I hope to get a standard regulator assembly from Coleman to use it directly on the Roadtrip grill with a 1# tank but they're out of stock and possibly out of production. No matter because I have the Camco hose in the meantime.

  13. Can someone link to the adapter i need please. Preferably Amazon.  I see the camco hose with the quick connect built on. I can't find the 1/8 to 1/4 adapter fitting or an elbow.  I want to make sure I get the right part.  Thanks

  14. the spring and plunger are not necessary if your quick connect female line has a turn on valve  because the valve HAS to be off before it will let you disconnect so you will never blow yourself up and it is not unsafe but if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside stick it in..BTW good video . I got my fittings at home depot and my hose and quick connects at the local RV shop

  15. Thanks for the info. I was working on the same thing to connect my coleman 425 (two burner gas stove). When I checked the pressure output from the green bottle through the coleman regulator  I found 20 pounds of pressure.  Most on-board LP gas is at 11" wc. So I abandoned the conversion.

  16. The little spring and valve that was removed is not a secondary pressure regulator it is the safety shut off valve that blocks gas from escaping when the coleman connector is removed from the grill. It should be replaced as a safety issue, not discarded.

  17. I did it with two pieces, plus the yellow gas tape. Here are the links to the parts on Amazon:

    Anderson Metals Brass Pipe Fitting, Forged Reducing Street Elbow, 1/4" Female Pipe x 1/8" Male Pipe:

    Camco 59903 Propane Quick-Connect Fitting – 1/4" NPT x Full Flow Male Plug:

    LA-CO Slic-Tite PTFE Gas Line Pipe Thread Tape:

    And for the 10' quick-connect gas hose:

    Thank you to Shawn for figuring out the fitting sizes we needed. Hopefully this will help someone out, since the part links are more recent.

  18. Note of caution

    Coleman makes various sized regulators and connections the bbq. The elbow listed

    does not fit the following regulator

    I'm acknowledging that the original video by Shawn does not make a claim for these two items to fit. Rather, giving heads up if you are thinking you may get lucky if you have the above regulator.

    Would be bad for two of us to make the same $9 mistake 🙂

    Will post an appropriate part link when I find it.

  19. I wonder if Coleman has changed the connection between the brass fitting and the regulator. I've tried adjustable wrenches and vice grips, but I they just slip and cut into the brass. There is no way to get them apart on my grill (purchased in May 2016). And, of course, the part does not fit any standard wrench, English or Metric. Seems to be about 11.2mm – the 11mm wrench won't fit, the 12mm is far too big. But even with a suitable vice grip tightly fastened, it just damages the brass. Very frustrating.