Chipotle Mexican Grill: Steak Burrito


The title says it all :b



  1. Lol! Haven't you ever eaten alot of spicy food in a day and when you shit your asshole is burning It's happen to me alot of times I eat alot of hot cheetos takis chester hot fries and other spicy foods but it's happen to me. It didn't blow my asshole open but my ass was burning.

  2. Six dollars for a massive burrito with a wide array of high quality ingredients is not expensive at all. A combo at Wendy's cost just as much or more most of the time, and that's less food that's worse for you and worse in quality itself (though Wendy's is fucking delicious! 😀 )

  3. "excuse me, is the corn spicy?"  wtf?  get that burrito away from him, and give it to a real man.  Preferably someone with a thick beard and who smells of Old Spice.

  4. Ok this my second time I ate there. It not that good at all. there better Mexican burrito shops than this one. food is bland.yuk. threw half burrito away that bad. they never see my business again. I nothing against chipotle.