Chef Ramsay Teaches Amateur Butchers How to Cook A Perfect Steak – Gordon Ramsay


Gordon returns back to his hometown in Scotland to see if his grandfather’s old butchers shop is still there. He then meets some young, keen butchers and puts their steak knowledge to the test.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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  1. I feel like I'm the only one who enjoys well done steak. And reminder; Well done is not burnt, quite far from it. Personally, I prefer medium well, because the chefs actually know how to cook medium well, everybody seems to think well done is going overboard. And also, they don't facepalm as hard when I order medium well.

  2. The food industry needs to find some way to chic-ify buying solid ingredients the same way that coffee houses, custom tailored clothing, and even the music industries have done. For them to survive, they must find a meaningful way to connect to millennials. Sad fact, but true

  3. Always buy meat from the butchers. Supermarkets have terrible quality meat. Think of it like going to any sort of specialist, they will be more knowledgeable and actually care about the products they sell. You can quite literally taste the difference.

  4. I won't be watching this I bought your book Gordon and I watch a lot of your shows and I think you've helped people to get excited about cooking and I love your enthusiasm but you cried when you had pigs at your home and you named them. Pigs cows animals are sentiment beings and they're intelligent and love and cry they scream out in pain and fear when they're about to be killed.

    If you stopped eating animals and eat what they eat for nutrition and stop throwing oil olive oil and fat and all your foods anyone have to worry about your weight gain anymore .

    I won't be watching this YouTube and I suggest you read the fictional sci-fi book that was made into a much tamer film with Scarlet Johansson about what alien beings do with the human man specifically men they capture do you want to fatten them up they castrate them it's grotesque horrific what they do to them and it's because their food – some reason they like to eat the male species of humans… also The rape scene at the end of the book is pretty intense.

    Don't get me wrong as I said I've bought your book I actually paid more money buying it on audible to hear you read it I just get sick of you constantly pushing slaughtering animals – animals are sentiment beings in the horrifically brutalized before they are killed and even if you want to kid yourself there free range pigs and cows know they're being murdered and scream and cry.

    Female cows are like female humans they don't produce milk 24 hours a day you're around so the only way cows produce milk is being raped when your babies are taken away they scream and cry the way you would – Gary Yourofsky on YouTube and it's life-changing video describes that screen he also show sadist punching smokehouse just because they feel like it we know the same goes on in laboratories with animals that saved us just beat them and torture them because they feel like it…

    I'll keep watching you Gordon because I believe you and your children are going to change one day because you don't want to become obese because of health issues and because you recognize there's no future for this planet if we keep on behaving this way …

  5. The problem with butchers is they simply cant compete with the stupidly low supermarket prices. Even if they have the superior quallity meat its usually not enough to sway people. Since everything's expensive these days people will always take shit meat at lowest price over a slightly pricier but better cut.

  6. There's 2 very simple reasons butchers are dying out, 1 is that buying your meat in a supermarket along with your other groceries is convenient, and 2 I don't know about the rest of the world but buying meat from a butcher is expensive as fuck. People think with their wallets, it's as simple as that.