Charcoal starter device and an old weber kettle grill


I am just so pleased with this old weber grill I bought off of a friend for 30 dollars that I had to share… Also, these new charcoal starters make it so easy to start the natural charcoal that it is a must have item for charcoal grilling! BUY A WEBER!



  1. If you don't know about them already, watch the BBQ Pit Boys here on Youtube (just search BBQ Pit Boys). They have several dozen recipes and they almost always cook on a 22.5" Weber kettle. Following their recipes will help you maximize your use out of the Weber!

  2. Chimney starters is indeed a great tool for BBQer's. I've used these for many years. Instead of newspaper though, I use Weber's Fire-Starter Cubes. No smoke, No fumes, non-toxic and safe for the environment.

    As for the even heat, it's the GREAT charcoal that you're using Mark. Whatever the name, you should always use this coal. That is ONE clean burning lump.

    try slicing the tomatoes first and cook just for a few minutes. And try wrapping bacon around the peppers and TASTE what happens!!

  3. I have nothing against propane grills if they are well made and designed to manage gunk, but they say to buy the device with the fewest moving parts and a charcoal grill is consistent and reliable once you master heat management. For flareups I like grill grates which create even heat without losing the charcoal taste.