Char Griller 5050 Seasoning your new grill


Pictures of my 2 old grills, the stainless (gas) is 14 yrs old and the black (charcoal) is 20 yrs old. I upgraded to a Char Griller. I am new and this is my first video, still learning how to make good videos like the pros. I hope you enjoyed my video…



  1. EXACTLY! 99% of the videos on this subject out there ONLY address seasoning the GRATES!

    You MUST season the ENTIRE interior of the GRILL! Whether it's an entry level CharBroil or an I've-hit-the-lottery Weber Summit, you must season the ENTIRE interior of the grill! Everything EXCEPT the gas tubes themselves.

    Ummm…interior I'm talking about…don't "season" the exterior..well, duh…

    Don't bitch about your grill rusting out in 1 or 2 years if you haven't done that…and shame on the manufacturers for not emphasizing this…it's like they WANT you to buy a new grill every two years…

    Ummmm…wait a minute here…I think I might smell a conspiracy…

    Ya reckon?

  2. Ive had this exact same grill for a little over a year rust free. along with the seasoning process on the inside i also coat the entire exterior with canola oil from a spray can. Buy a cover for it as well so dirt and dust dont stick to it. This will complete the rust proofing of your grill. if it gets too dirty just scrub off and re oil.