Buy La Caja China Semi Pro Aluminum Barbecue Grills

64 – What makes the La Caja China Semi-Pro Aluminum BBQ Grill a multi-purpose and convenient piece of cooking equipment? This new model has all the same distinct capabilities as the original La Caja China model #2, but an updated sleek look. This durable box is made in the USA with spare parts available.

It has a diamond-cut metal exterior, steel angle legs with powder coating paint, bolt mounted handles and a drain valve that makes it even easier to use. This is not only a roaster, it’s also a smoker, and a regular charcoal grill. That’s 3 kinds of equipment for the price of one!

You can roast any type of meat inside and also grill veggies or burgers on top at the same time! This is best used for parties, restaurants, celebrations, outdoor barbecues and even for catering! Order your roasting box now, visit their website at or call 1-800-338-1323 today.