Big Green Egg® & Kamados Comparison and Overview


In this video Chef Tony Matassa of gives an overview and comparison of 3 of the top kamado style grills on the market including: the Big Green Egg, The Primo Oval XL, and the Grill Dome. Chef Tony covers: Size, Weight, Lid Assist, Accessories and colors available for these Charcoal Grills. You will also see some great footage of the grills in action. Be sure to watch our other videos on Kamado Style Grills. We are available to answer any questions that you may have about this or any grill at



  1. @ansonwilson thanks for the post. Price is absolutely a factor, but its going to vary based on what size and features you want for the Primo and Grill Dome. Also, the Big Green Egg's® price will vary based on distributor as it is not available for sale online. From their website: "There are no authorized internet retailers for Big Green Egg products. Purchasing any Big Green Egg product from an internet source will void the warranty associated with that product."
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  2. -PrimoXL is in the 1200 range, but is larger than the other two.
    -Grill Dome is in the 800 – 1000 range.
    -BGE does not sell their grills online, so there are no posted msrp's
    Hope this helps and thanks for watching!

  3. Both Kamados will cook great, whichever one you are more accustomed to using will be the best bet! There is nothing that can compare to practicing and getting used to your favorite grill.