Big Green Egg® – Grilling Demo Video


In this video we give you a detailed demonstration of a Big Green Egg® Charcoal Grill. We highlight the features of this particular grill, and show you exactly how this grill performs by cooking up some of your favorites.

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  1. I LOVE MY BGE … but the thickness of the ceramic housing has nothing to do with how fast it heats up, it heats up due to the draft it stays hot due to the ceramic but a metal grill will heat up just as fast with the same draft….

  2. not really, its pretty easy. You clean the grill like any other bbq. The coals are actually easier to clean since the bottom has a drawer type area to take the ashes out and dump them.

  3. I had a great Weber I bought 15 years ago (22.5"" One Touch, in Red), but I went to replace it and now you can only get that model WITHOUT the lid holder, NO thermometer in the lid, BLACK only – and it feels a very flimsy & poorly built (the lid didn't even fit – why would they downgrade the same version & offer fewer options? So much for the value of competition – I'm buying something else (Cajun, Brinkman, or Big Green Egg).

  4. Cleaning the BGE grill would be easy since it's non-stick; cleaning a Weber is a pain, especially the flaked carbon on the inner part of the lid that builds up constantly.

  5. the thing is its not always good 2 leave the dome open because its easy 2 get ranging flames that burn your gaskets off when you do that…

  6. It depends on what you are cooking; when done right, one batch of charcoal will last a very long time low and slow. I have lifted the cooking grate slightly several times and added charcoal, but that was only when shooting a lot of videos in one day all at high temperatures.

    If I can help any further please comment or send me a message.

    Chef Tony

  7. @ardoinjc Yes it is very frustrating. Big Green Egg® does not allow anyone to sell their products online. We are not able to carry them on our site. If you are interested in a ceramic grill, I recommend you check out Primo, Grill Dome, or Saffire. We have videos on all of them on our channel, bbqguys.