Best Way to BBQ Chicken


What is the best way to BBQ chicken?

BBQ chicken is an American delicacy, a favorite of 4th of July grill outs and on other holidays, special occasions and everyday dinner tables.

Everyone who regularly grills out chicken boasts the “best” recipe, or has a “family recipe” or something similar.

The choices regarding spices and sauces, cooking agents and more make your mouth water don’t they?

Plus, barbecue chicken goes great with other favorite grilled meats too, such as steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers.

For the best way to BBQ chicken, the first thing you need to do is select a prime barbecue sauce.

A good barbecue sauce varies by location, such as Carolina’s more sweet and yellowish barbecue sauce, and Texas’ mesquite flavored and even jalapeno tinged barbecue sauces.

Select your favorite, and you’re going to use it to baste the chicken.

First, you have to get your barbecue chicken ready, and we’re talking whole pieces of chicken not chicken strips, chunks, nuggets, patties or tenderloins.

Gather your spices, and you’re going to need paprika, rosemary, garlic and salt.

Mix these in a little oil and start massaging the spice mixture into the skin of the chicken.

Next, you’ve got to take your tray of chicken out to the grill and get it started.

Now, you can use any grill you want, but it’s recommended that you use a charcoal grill with some wood chips for the best flavor.

Any type of wood chips you prefer are fine, but if you’re serious about it, you probably already know that wood chips have their pairings with certain foods.

Now, you’re going to throw that chicken on the grill, and after about ten minutes worth of cooking, you’re going to start basting the pieces with barbecue sauce.

This gives it adequate time to caramelize on the skin of the chicken.

Once the chicken is done cooking on the inside and has been tested, pull those pieces off the grill and burn your tongue on a fresh hot piece courtesy of the best way to BBQ chicken.